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Our Services

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Web Development

IFX can help you develop and manage content for your Web site. In our Web Marketing Strategy Consultation Session, we will work with you to define methods to amplify your company’s voice on the Web.

    Discovery and planning
    Brand positioning
    User experience
    Content strategy
    Digital roadmap
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Marketing Strategy

We help you develop a complete portfolio of marketing materials that includes white papers, success stories, case studies, brochures, newsletters, postcards, videos, podcasts, webinars, surveys, freebies and more.

    Website design
    Logo design and branding
    UI/UX design
    Print design
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Multimedia Design

We provide core services, such as web design and application development, as well as supplemental services, including email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, usability and accessibility consulting, and animation and development.

    Search / display / social advertising
    Inbound marketing
    Search engine optimization
    Direct mail
    E-Mail marketing